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Sugar in My Bowl

Real Women Write About Real Sex
Oct 13, 2011PrimaGigi rated this title 2 out of 5 stars
This is the second time that Ms. Jong has disappointed me. Not every feminist agrees or will see eye-to-eye; but we do agree we are willing to support the tribe. This is one of those moments I don't get why Jong is considered part of the Feminist book list? The stories had no rhyme or reason, they where just randomly put together. I was expecting erotica, realization of the body and the mind, overcoming fears, body issues and the like. There is none of that in this book, it's about damaged love, prudes and diddling little kids. I do understand that a young child's awaking into sex and anything of sexual nature is important and we should take this time to help said girl view it as positively as possible. How exactly could I take any of this seriously when someone calls masturbation, diddling?