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Sugar in My Bowl

Real Women Write About Real Sex
Jun 25, 2012LT rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
The stories in this collection are not erotica for the most part. Most are observant, well-written essays on what it is to be a woman in the 21st century, struggling with the ramifications of sex and love. Some of the dilemmas that lust and love have always created for humanity appear in force, while in other stories, the particular quandaries of women are the focus. Interestingly, one of the flatter contributions to the book was written by Molly Jong-Fast, daughter of editor Erica Jong and author in her own right. Jong-Fast takes a smugly reactionary tone when she described the influence of her famously adventurous mother on her own sexual development. Even so, I couldn't suppress the suspicion that her work was included in the anthology due to her relationship with her mother as opposed to any particular acuity on her part. Possibly Jong-Fast's piece was intended as a sort of fairness check, a counter-balance to the freewheeling ideas of Jong and certain other authors in the anthology. In any case, Jong-Fast misses no opportunity to point out that her relative sexual ennui (or at least, her sexual reservations and her unwillingness to make sex an all-important frame of reference) are predictable responses to various lapses in parental judgement that occurred in the course of her unconventional upbringing.