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dixiedog made a comment Jul 08 2019
"While I am very much a dog lover, I cannot put to pen the same glowing reviews by other readers. I admit it does portray what a stray dog’s life could be like. It does have a happy ending for Squirrel or Addie, two of numerous names the dog was kn..." Permalink
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dixiedog added a title to their For later shelf Jun 27 2019
GardnersIn March 2014, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was first reported. Impossible to ignore, The Hot Zone is the terrifying, true-life account of when this highly infectious virus spread from the rainforests of Africa to the suburbs of...
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Jun 24 2019
"I really loved this book about 11 year old Caitlyn's efforts to traverse life with not only Autism Spectrum Disorder but with a family that has itself been torn apart by tragedy. The writing of Erskine is drawn from her experiences with her own AS..." Permalink
dixiedog made a comment Jun 23 2019
"Kathryn Erskine’s Mockingbird was indeed a unique book. A former colleague of mine had Aspergers Syndrome and I know that he struggled trying to fit in at work and to be understood. While I consider myself well read and knowledgeable on Asperg..." Permalink
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