Greenlights By McConaughey, Matthew Downloadable Audiobook - 2020

Matthew made a list of his top ten goals in life shortly after finishing his first movie 'Dazed and Confused' and the first delivery of his iconic line: "Allright. Allright. Allright." The top three included becoming a dad, securing a good woman, and keeping his faith in God (I am paraphrasing). This book shows his journey as he achieves those goals and then goes onto cross yet another ambitious item off the list-- winning an Oscar. At times meandering and at others admirably pithy, this memoir includes memories as well as collected bumper stickers, Prescriptions, and Notes to Self. One of my favorite stories was the way 3-year-old Levi exposed his fear of marrying Camilla and sent him to Pastor Dave for a necessary lesson on the covenant of marriage. The two were married soon after. In my mind, audio is the best way to experience this title. I will chase down a print copy to get a look at any pictures I have missed.

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