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This is the most comprehensive RBG biography. It also details the case law for her landmark Supreme Court cases if you want to understand the civil rights history.

Ruth was a formidable legal pioneer who battled sexism throughout her career.

In Cornell, women had to have a higher grade point average and were admitted on a ratio of 1 female for every male. In Harvard Law, women were "welcomed" with the question why they were taking a man's place. RBG was the first woman on the Law Review but there was no women's restroom in the main hall. She finished first in her class but no one wanted her because she was "a woman, a Jew, and a mother to boot". When she taught at Rutgers, she endured less pay and hid her second pregnancy because she was afraid she would not be renewed yearly.

This book details RBG's unbelievable feats. Women can relate to how she undertook motherhood, marriage, teaching, research, and writing, as she advocated for women's equality with gritty determination and without complaint. It's along read, so you can skim the legal cases but you'll learn so much that many books and the media omit.


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