I was very impressed with the acting, writing, direction and depth of characters in this scaled down action film.
Impressive acting from Jackie Chan (Police Story:1985; Vancouver filmed, The Rumble in the Bronx:1995; Rush Hour:1998: Shanghai Knights: 2003, and Kung Fu Panda: 2008) and Pierce Brosman (The World is Not Enough: 1999; Die Another Day: 2002; Mamma Mia: 2008 ; IT: 2016) for keeping an authentic Irish accent. Good compelling storyline of former Special Ops and IRA leader clash, when terrorists of a younger generation make political statements that crosses emotional and moral boundaries.
I have not seen all of the Jackie Chan films (English or Chinese), but this is the most impressive serious film that I have seen so far. The 2009 Shinjuku Incident comes into mind as another impressive serious film.
There is no special features on this DVD.

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