I will caveat this review with the fact that this is the first fiction novel i have read in almost 10 years.

The first half of the book was very captivating, a love story between two very different people in the midst of a civil war. The author captured the emotions, the ups, the downs very beautifully as their love story developed. Then came the concept of Magic doors that could transport them instantaneously to different places around the world offering them an escape from the dangers of the war. I was not expecting the concept of magic doors, so it caught me by surprise (think Monsters Inc). After migrating through the magic doors the second half of the book detailed their struggles as migrants. I found this half of the book was really rushed, and as a result I wasn't able to connect with the characters as much. I was not able to feel their emotions and live their struggles. There was a strong message in there about the issues of migration/refugees but due to the lack of character development in the second half I don't believe we really felt that message come through. (As opposed to the first half where I really felt the devastation of war through the characters).

Also the author would introduce little snippets of completely random characters in different places and time throughput the book. I found these jumps very confusing and am not sure what they added to the story.

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