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Hillary lists her accomplishments.
--- She ordered the theft of UN messages and trained 5000 "activists" to destabilize foreign governments. She upholds US bombing because "America was not seeking dominance."
Pakistan's objections to droning its villagers were "temper tantrums".
--- She blames Putin for resisting US control of Ukraine and demolition of Syria. Putin uses our invasions as an excuse for military upgrades. We own the Muslim Near East, but Russia should stay out of Russian-populated Crimea. Russia's demand for payment for its natural gas amounts to blackmail.
--- Hillary claims that she, not Sarkozy, led the campaign against Gaddafi (and thus deserves credit for wrecking Libya and turning it over to terrorists). She still blames a video for the Benghazi disaster. Our slain ambassador was foolish to go there. Hillary was heroic in the crisis.
--- She blames Assad for withstanding US-backed terrorists. His poison gas reserve was a serious threat to America. She ignores our own gas arsenal. Hillary urged Obama to invade Syria, but he refused. She was tougher.
--- She upholds the Saudis, who enslave women, and condemns Assad, who maintains their freedom. She denounces peaceful Iranian nuclear development, but upholds Israel's large nuke hoard. She denounces human rights violations, but supports Israel's oppression of Palestinians. She says Latin America was held back by Soviet meddling -- not by two centuries of US conquest, subversion, and exploitation.
--- She condemns dehumanization, but dehumanizes fetuses.
--- She would protect Black wages by admitting millions of new illegal workers.
--- She supports both religious freedom and forced participation in gay weddings. She filled the State Dept with gays, and pressured Muslim leaders to spread sodomy in their countries. At a meeting, Hillary and Admiral Harris urged Russian officials to have gays in their military; she was offended when the Russians asked if Admiral Harris was gay.
--- She denounces Manning and Snowden. We must steal foreign secrets, while concealing ours. She touts her cyber insight. (Later she would plead ignorance of classified email rules.)
--- Hillary confirms the Clinton family motto: Better to get caught trying than not to try at all.

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