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When Eric O'Neill is promoted from a low-level surveillance job into the headquarters of the FBI, his dream of becoming a full-fledged agent is on the verge of reality. He is hand picked to work for the renowned operative Robert Hanssen within "information assurance," a new division created to protect all classified FBI intelligence. Eric quickly discovers the true reason for his hire: Hanssen is the sole subject of a long-term, top-secret investigation, a suspected mole made all the more dangerous by the sheer global import of the information he is charged with protecting. The Bureau asks Eric to slowly draw the traitor out of deep cover.


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Jun 14, 2018

a paint-by-number story, too full of inconsistencies surely to be completely accurate, but it's fun to watch for its glimpse on a historical incident - also, all the leads are a lot of fun

Sep 11, 2017

Excellent true story. I recall when this spy story hit the news. Chris Cooper a favorite who lived in Kansas City once. i watched the movie twice. Very stressful for the clerk who wanted to be an FBI agent.

Sep 06, 2015

I was disappointed in this movie. Perhaps other viewers liked it because it was a real spy story, with real consequences to the US. But the real story seemed to have been pretty linear - they suspect the guy, they keep a close look on him, they finally get the evidence they need, they arrest him. The only hint of a motive was that he liked to feel superior to the other agents around him that were furiously searching for the mole. He was a devoted Catholic - how does that figure into the story? Chris Cooper was good, as usual, but I thought Laura Linney was miscast and Ryan Phillipe just OK. If you want a realistic spy story with some real excitement, try the Eye of the Needle or some of the movies based on Le Carre stories

harrybrowne May 08, 2015

Well done yet bizarre story of the real-life Robert Hanssen, masterfully acted by Chris Cooper.
The script, direction, editing, photography and music are all excellent.
The question to ask is: How did Hanssen get away with spying for 15 years? Because the FBI is a government bureaucracy (redundant) - big, clumsy and political. Hanssen practically gave them a road map to find him!
As for his being a "traitor"? The double agents he gave up were also "traitors" to their country. Yet somehow if they spy for the US, it's ok. Huge double standard here.
And Agent Burroughs (played by the godawful Laura Linney) says that Hanssen was the "worst" spy in American history? No, he was the best spy, obviously.
Best line: "The world does not need any more Hillary Clintons." Amen.

Sep 02, 2014

A thriller for adults. Based on the true story of CIA lifer Robert Hanssen, who single-handedly caused the greatest security breach in U.S. history. Chris Cooper gives an amazing performance as Hanssen; the rest of the cast shines as well. The script is thoughtful and sharp, the action well-paced and the characters, even the small roles, are all believable and complete. Breach is the most satisfying thriller I’ve seen in years.

Oct 18, 2013

5)“The Breach” I liked because it was well written, well acted and asked interesting questions. How far should one take a philosophical belief? How much does adamant adherence to philosophy affect possible satisfactions? I am the center of my world, but the world does not exist for me: is this a childhood, or daily, dilemma? Does breaking a boundary entice one to break other boundaries? Actions make differences in facts, does the “why?” matter? After the fact – not so much; then when does it matter? Do, or can, we notice evil plowing our rationales?

Feb 17, 2012

A very good movie. It leaves out a lot of the true Hanssen case due to time constraints. However, it is still a gud watch.

mikeyppl Feb 06, 2012

This movie in no way tells the true story of Hanssen. The book to read is Spy by David Wise

howardpoole Jan 21, 2012

A very good story. Sorry to say I did not remember this piece of American history. Not alot of 'action', but it kept me interested the entire movie.

Dec 27, 2011

Incredible story,,, While espionage remains the old business trade in human history, the film makes it hard to fathom, those entrusted with deep-secrets to safe guard the very well-being & safety of a nation & everyone around them, to be expendable to the market-value of the trading secret, taking down many lives for DECADES, before the layers of TRUST & SECRECY start creating doubts among their own faithful allies.

FOR 15 YEARS, many other live paid a very heavy price for the life of one spy.


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Oct 24, 2010

Ugogurl thinks this title is suitable for 14 years and over


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Oct 24, 2010

Based on the real life story of a spy selling secrets to the Russians, Breach is a really good movie with excellent stars.
I give this movie ☆☆☆ 1/2 stars.
The story is true to life as it captures the performances of it's stars while unfolding the real life drama and disbelief of the spy world.


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Sunnchilde Aug 18, 2011

"Tell me five things about yourself, four of them true."


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